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Who We Are
The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has created a unique investment opportunity for agribusiness companies and institutional investors. The Government’s plan to establish a series of Agricultural Business Parks across the country and is now inviting investors to join this innovative project, which will dramatically increase agricultural production in one of the most fertile countries in the world.

The Agricultural Business Park model enables investors to tap into a ready-made network of support services, benefit from a range of fiscal incentives and access dedicated infrastructure (energy, roads, waterway, railway, ports). The project is fully backed by the DRC government and has benefited from the experience of experts from Harvard Business School (HBS), the Harvard Kennedy School of Government and the Wharton School of Business and has also been endorsed by Grow Africa and The World Bank.

The project was the topic of a HBS Case Study on Seeding Growth in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This case study enabled the government and partners to benefit from the input of experienced leaders in all sectors of the global food and agribusiness industry, ranging from senior executives in large established companies to heads of family businesses and agribusiness entrepreneurs who attended the 2014 HBS Agribusiness Seminar.

Given the global importance of the innovative approach and the success of the ABP initiative, the project is continuously discussed at the Private and Public, Scientific, Academic, and Consumer Food Policy Group (PAPSAC). PAPSAC, a forum hosted by Harvard University, aims to broaden communication among farmers, business leaders, scientists, public policy leaders, academics and consumer organizations on topics of mutual concern to participants of the global food system and the consumers that it serves.

Why the ABP?

The DRC government’s policy of putting agriculture at the centre of its development strategy will facilitate the efforts of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.


What are the ABP?

The DRC ABP are a public-private partnership bringing together the DRC government, private investors and multilateral donor institutions.



The ABPs Initiative is associated with three main entities: Umbrella ABPs Agency; Agro Business Parks; and Special Purpose Vehicle (Foundation).