Agriculture Business Parks (ABP)

22 sites have already been identified for development as part of this project. Currently, the government has developed feasibility study for the ABP of Luiza and Bukanga Lonzo, and prefeasibility study for ABP of Kindu, Mushie Pentane, Kinzau, and Ruzizi.

Infrastructure (Jointly Supplied Support: All in One)

An integral component of the Agricultural Business Parks project will be the development of associated infrastructure. Investors will benefit from access to a full range of support structures, including:
  • Power
  • House
  • Water
  • Road
  • Office
  • Workshops

The social needs of the local farmers and communities will be addressed through a Special Purpose Foundation, which will aim to improve social cohesion and stability.

Legal Framework

Get familiar with the investment Code (cfr. Act No. 004/2002 of 21/02/2002)
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