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About Agriculture DRC

The DRC is the future breadbasket of Africa. Its agricultural potential is unrivalled on the continent:
  • Over 80 million hectares of arable land
  • Wide variety of climatic conditions
  • Abundant rainfall (815 à 2 465 mm)
  • More than half of all fresh water resources in sub-Saharan Africa
  • The potential to feed 1 billion people
  • Pasture resources to support 40 million cattle
  • Borders four of Africa’s Great Lakes
  • Inland fishery resources to support 700,000 tonnes of fish
  • 15,000km waterway network
  • National Agricultural Investment Program (2013-2020) commits $5.7 billion to improve the sector
  • Ambitious productivity targets in place – maize production predicted to rise to 5 million tons a year by 2016, cassava production to increase to 45 million tons and rice to 1 million tons by 2016

Legal Framework

Get familiar with the investment Code (cfr. Act No. 004/2002 of 21/02/2002)
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