Bukanga Lonzo Agriculture Business Park

The Pilot Project

The Bukanga Lonzo Agribusiness Park is located at 260 Km South-East of Kinshasa, the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Mapped in the heart of Africa, the DRC is a country of 71.3 million inhabitants (BCC: Condensé Hebdo, Oct 2015). The DRC has 80 million hectares of high quality agricultural land. Its economy is one of the fastest growing in the World (8,4% GDP growth projected in 2015). Kinshasa, the capital city, is a huge domestic market of over 10 million people.

The Park is the first of a series of 22 others that the Government of DR Congo is planning to build in order to develop the agribusiness. It is a joint venture between the Government of DR Congo and the private sector. The Park covers 75,000 hectares of arable land, watered by the Kwango and Lonzo rivers.

The Park has already invested about $80 million to build the following dedicated infrastructure:

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The new "S.E. Parc Agro Industriel" the district of Bukanga-Lonzo, some 260 km South-East of Kinshasa. This 80 000 ha farm and village development offers a new challenge, the first in Africa, of accomplishing the goal of using raw prime land to maximum advantage for all concerned.

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Case Study

An agribusiness company is already operating in the Park: the Societe d’Exploitation du Parc Agro-Industriel de Bukanga Lonzo (SEPAGRI SA).
  • SEPAGRI SA is a joint venture between the Government of Congo (70%) and Africom Commodities (30%), a private partner from South Africa.
  • SEPAGRI SA harvested its first production of corn in March 2015. The product is competitive and sold on the local market 24% cheaper than the imported ones.
  • The production of corn is projected to grow from 20,000t in 2015 to 350,000t in 2019. In addition to corn, SEPAGRI SA will produce other grains and vegetables.
  • Only for grains and vegetables, SEPAGRI SA annual revenue is projected at $370M in 2019. The average operating profit is estimated at 34%.
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Important Facts

  • Was inaugurated by H.E. Joseph Kabila in July 2014
  • The first harvest of around 5000 hectares of maize was on March 2015, 7 months after the launch of the park.
  • The site of the « Marché International de Kinshasa » or the « Kinshasa International Market » was inaugurated on May 7, 2015. Fresh produce, cereals, vegetables, meat and fruits from Bukanga-Lonzo will be sold. The new « Kinshasa International Market » will serve as a regional trade platform for fresh produce.

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