The Foundation

What's the SPF for?

The Special Purpose Foundation (SPF)

The Foundation will be established as part of the framework for the Agricultural Business Parks to deal with broader social, environmental, and economic issues, including the provision of basic social services, such as health and education for smallholder farmers and local communities. In this way, the Agricultural Business Parks will focus solely on commercial development, while the SPF will manage social and environmental pressures and expectations.

Through a robust governance structure, supported by transparency and accountability the SPF will be set up in collaboration with donors, foundations, and other development actors and private sector actors. Through the SPF, investors in the project and the regions where the ABPs are located will be able to implement their corporate social responsibility projects and related activities in more effective and efficient ways.

Why the ABP?

The DRC government’s policy of putting agriculture at the centre of its development strategy will facilitate the efforts of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.


What are the ABP?

The DRC ABP are a public-private partnership bringing together the DRC government, private investors and multilateral donor institutions.



The ABPs Initiative is associated with three main entities: Umbrella ABPs Agency; Agro Business Parks; and Special Purpose Vehicle (Foundation).