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ABP's Governance

The Government of the DRC consulted with professors from the Zicklin Center for Business Ethics of the Wharton School to access cutting edge thinking and global best practices on governance and together with local experts designed and customized the approach to fit the realities faced by stakeholders in DR Congo. From a governance perspective, the Agro Business Parks (ABPs) Initiative is associated with three main entities:

1. Umbrella ABPs Agency;
2. Agro Business Parks; and
3. Special Purpose Vehicle (Foundation).

What Is The Special Purpose Foundation (SPF)

The Special Purpose Foundation (SPF) will be established as part of the framework for the Agricultural Business Parks to deal with broader social, environmental, and economic issues.
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The governance strategy, which is currently being implemented, relies on three important factors:

I. Structural: This component focuses on having an appropriate code of ethics, defining the organizational and ownership structure; contractual arrangements; responsibility of various entities, which will be associated with the ABPs Initiative

II. Reputational: DRC has continuously ranked low in several international rating systems, including Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index and the World Bank’s yearly Doing Business report. One key component of the governance strategy proposes ways the ABP can take advantage of being a special economic zone to adopt controls which will enable the ABP to be islands of integrity and transparency within an otherwise challenging business operating environment

III. Change Management Process: This is critical, as these efforts are geared towards behavior change by inspiring a new culture amongst ABP stakeholders and creating social controls and promoting social cohesion that goes beyond rules and laws.