Agriculture Business Park in the Maniema Province

Kindu is a 150,000-hectare fertile site, located in the outskirts of the town of Kindu and crossed by the Congo River, navigable to Ubundu.

The site is connected to the city of Kisangani by a railway. It is also connected to the former mining province of Katanga by a railway track, and to the two provinces of North and South Kivu, by the road.

This site is subdivided into two zones :
  • The West zone, mainly savanna, is favorable for the production of food and vegetable crops,
  • The eastern zone, forest, is favorable for the development of wood and palm oil industry.

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The new "S.E. Parc Agro Industriel" the district of Bukanga-Lonzo, some 260 km South-East of Kinshasa. This 80 000 ha farm and village development offers a new challenge, the first in Africa, of accomplishing the goal of using raw prime land to maximum advantage for all concerned.

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Energy Potential

The total energy potential of the city of Kindu is estimated to be more than 190 MW, distributed among eight hydroelectric plants develop, the greater hydroelectric project being the Elila, with a potential of over 100 MW, critical for the development of agro-industrial activities (e.g. palm oil refineries), as well as the development of the timber industry in the region.