Agriculture Business Park in Kongo Central

Kinzau is a 1,000-hectares land located in the province of Central Kongo, and connected to Kinshasa by the national road No. 1 and the railway Kinshasa - Matadi (port city that connects the Congo River to the Atlantic Ocean).

The site is favorable for the realization of agro-pastoral activities, especially vegetable crops, because of its proximity to the city of Kinshasa (± 120 km from Kinshasa). Access to energy will be provided by the Inga - Katanga power line (feasibility studies under development). For social cohesion reasons, in a province where the population is culturally attached to the land, the agricultural cooperative approach will be developed on the site. Eighty households have been identified and will be supervised around agricultural production activities (rice, corn, vegetables, ...).

The Government has already acquired two pivot irrigation systems for the households where a cooperative company compliant with the rules of OHADA is being created.

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The new "S.E. Parc Agro Industriel" the district of Bukanga-Lonzo, some 260 km South-East of Kinshasa. This 80 000 ha farm and village development offers a new challenge, the first in Africa, of accomplishing the goal of using raw prime land to maximum advantage for all concerned.

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