The Mushie-Pentane Agriculture Business Park
Mushie-Pentane is a 60,000 hectares plain located just 20 kilometers from the city of Bandundu, in the province of Kwilu.

This former sugar cane plantation is located at the crossroads of three navigable rivers: The Kwango, Kwilu and the Kasai rivers, that connect with the towns of Kikwit and Ilebo and Kinshasa and Kisangani in the Congo River.

It is also connected to the city of Kinshasa by the National Highways number 1 and number 17.

Furthermore, Mushie-Pentane offers the potential for development of the value chain of sugar cane and other food crops such as maize, soybean, etc., aminly truck and crop farming markets.

Mushie Pentane has an electric potential of over 100 MW, capable of handling large-scale agro-industrial activities.

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The new "S.E. Parc Agro Industriel" the district of Bukanga-Lonzo, some 260 km South-East of Kinshasa. This 80 000 ha farm and village development offers a new challenge, the first in Africa, of accomplishing the goal of using raw prime land to maximum advantage for all concerned.

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