Agriculture Business Park in the Sud Kivu Province

Ruzizi is a 64000-hectares corridor located in the territory of Uvira, in the Province of South Kivu. This plain of about ± 75 Kilometers extend from Kamanyola to the port of Kalundu on Lake Tanganyika, providing access to the Republic of Burundi and the Indian Ocean through the port of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania.

The Ruzizi site is crossed from north to south by the National Highway No. 5, and can be connected to the rest of the country by its connection to the site of Kindu. Ruzizi is also connected to Kalemie by Lake Tanganyika which offers the potential to produce 318 000 tonnes of fish per year.

The implementation of the agro-industrial park will promote the approach to agricultural cooperatives in the Ruzizi, in view of the population density (185 people per square kilometer) and post-conflict situation in the region.

The Ruzizi plain offers a very high potential for crop productions such as vegetables, sunflower, cereal production (soy, peanuts, corn, ...), livestock (beef value chain and dairy products, chicken, goat) Fisheries and fish farms in Lake Tanganyika.

A regional project to build hydroelectric power plants (Ruzizi 4 (287 MW) and Ruzizi 5 (390 Mw)) is underway. However, the Ulindi River offers the potential to produce 22.6 MW of energy to the implementation of the agro-industrial activities.