Youth Employment

Opportunities For Young Congolese

Generating Employment For Youth

Acknowledging the need to foster young agribusiness leaders, the government of the DRC, with the support of the African Development Bank (AfDB), is implementing a nationwide youth employment program around agricultural and agribusiness in the form of Centers for Integrated Development (CID). This initiative will help solve problems of poverty, youth unemployment and food insecurity, by making land available to Small and Medium Agriculture Enterprises (SMAE), spearheaded by Congolese youth.

The CID will be implemented across the country, for a minimum of 145,000 ha of arable land and each center will be managed by a group of 5 young people comprised of an economist, an agro-veterinary, a civil engineer, a manager, and a lawyer, all recruited on a competitive basis.

The ABP initiative is also shaping the involvement of young people in the development process of DRC and prompting innovation and cutting edge thinking through collaboration with the World Bank and Wharton Ideas for Action initiative.

Why the ABP?

The DRC government’s policy of putting agriculture at the centre of its development strategy will facilitate the efforts of reaching the Sustainable Development Goals.


What are the ABP?

The DRC ABP are a public-private partnership bringing together the DRC government, private investors and multilateral donor institutions.



The ABPs Initiative is associated with three main entities: Umbrella ABPs Agency; Agro Business Parks; and Special Purpose Vehicle (Foundation).